How do you write a love letter?

How do you write a love letter?

Handwritten words make a real impression: a personal love letter will prove to the recipient how much they means to you. But it can be difficult to find the right words. With our tips and tricks for the perfect love letter, you’re guaranteed to melt your partner’s heart.

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5 writing tips for your love letter

Before putting pen to paper, reflect on the following three questions, which will help you to describe what makes your loved one so unique.

  1. What are the things you love about your partner?
  2. Which situations reflect your relationship perfectly?
  3. What things make you and your partner laugh?

Now you’re ready to begin: follow these six tips, which are sure to make your loved one happy – whether on Valentine’s Day or on any other special occasion.

1. Loving words in beautiful writing

To win your valentine’s heart, your love letter needs to be handwritten. Even if your handwriting isn’t the most attractive in the world, make the effort to pen a few lines by hand.

2. Use your finest (writing) paper

It’s not just the handwriting that’s important – the stationery you use also counts in producing a winning love letter. So, opt for high-quality writing paper – which can be colourful if you prefer – instead of squared notepad paper. That said, your notepad is the ideal place to write the first draft of your love letter.

3. Take your time

It may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked: it’s important to take enough time to express your words on paper. Find a peaceful and inspiring place to write your letter. The sense of tranquillity will help you to put the essence of your feelings into words.

4. Honesty is what really matters

What’s the main thing that will ensure your love letter melts your better half’s heart? Honesty! Avoid long, poetic outpourings of emotion if they have no meaning to you. Keep it simple, and convey your feelings honestly.

5. Originality: the cherry on the cake

As well as words expressing your deep feelings, ensure your letter is original by adding small personal details. Things that will immediately make your loved one think of you. For example, your perfume, a drawing or a few lines from a song you both love. Let your imagination run free!

Structure ensures clarity

Even if it may sound a bit dull, a well-structured love letter will be clearer. All you have to do is structure your thoughts about the first three questions we asked you.

Here’s a brief guide on which thoughts to include.

  • Form of address: Dearest (name) / My (term of endearment)
    “My darling”
  • Motivation: Why are you writing this letter?
    “I don’t usually write letters, but after x years together, I wanted to express my love for you in writing.”
  • Show your feelings: Recall a moment that makes your heart beat faster.
    “Waking up next to you every morning brings joy to my heart.”
  • Compliment: What makes your loved one so special? Tell them!
    “Do you know what I really love about you? Your optimism! You always look on the bright side, and that makes me a more positive person, too.”

  • Outlook: What future event are you looking forward to?
    “We’ll soon be heading off on our next trip together! I truly relish the many experiences we share and the time I get to spend with you.”

Pen and paper at the ready

Now it’s your turn: get your pen and paper ready, and give free rein to your feelings. Good luck with writing your love letter – and just think of how delighted your partner will be when they read it!

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