The days are drawing in, it’s freezing cold outside. Hand on heart: what’s nicer in the Christmas period than pulling on a warm jumper, stomping through the crackling snow and then warming up in a cosy living room – and surprising someone with a hand-written card to spread some festive cheer? This is the perfect time of the year for showing your appreciation, closeness and kinship. Let us inspire you to ensure your loved ones receive your token of appreciation with a sparkle in their eyes.

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Secret tip for kids: write a letter to Santa

Lots of kids write and send a letter to Santa during the Christmas period. They get creative, decorate their letters, ask questions, tell Santa about themselves and put their wishes to paper. Diligent Swiss Post elves support Santa in the village of Cadenazzo in Ticino. They forward the letters and send the answers back to the children along with a small gift. Take note kids: don’t forget to include your address in your letter to Santa to ensure you receive his reply.

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All about writing Write another letter or a card

Personal letters and cards make words palpable. They convey thoughts and moods, elicit happiness and create bonds. Between the lines of the message, you are telling your recipient: “I’ve taken time for you, you mean something to me.” That’s not something you’d associate with platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram or Snapchat, let alone with messages you might have written and sent in a hurry on the way to catch a tram or between two meetings. And let’s not forget the feeling you get when you find mail in your letter box that doesn’t look like a bill. Priceless. The sense of excitement grows and you wonder who might have written to you.

No doubt about it: personal mail is magical and emotional all at the same time. When you exchange personal mail, you deepen your relationship with people dear to you – you open up and reveal your inner self. As German writer Karl Ferdinand Gutzkow so aptly put it: “Even after many years of personal acquaintance, we often only truly get to know people through our correspondence with them.”

Surely that encourages you to pick up a pen and paper?

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