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Calligraphy The art of beautiful writing

Calligraphy, where the main focus is on the aesthetic, is usually characterized by working in a steady sweep, with the elegant, ornate and curved lettering emerging as an expression of the movement of the hand.

Why use calligraphy?

Calligraphy helps you to bring a letter or card to life and turn it into a work of art. Use calligraphy for special people on special occasions: your parents’ wedding anniversary, your sister’s birthday or your nephew’s baptism. Your unmistakable, personal greeting is a sign of your special appreciation.

What do I need for calligraphy?

In calligraphy, in addition to a sheet of paper or a card, you typically use a quill with ink or a brush. But there are also pens that you can use. For beginners, a sheet of ruled paper is also recommended. You place the ruled paper under your actual writing paper, and the lines show through, helping you to keep your writing straight.

Practice makes perfect

To master the decorative art form of calligraphy, you need practice. To learn the craft from scratch, a course is recommended. An extensive range of courses can be found on the Swiss Calligraphic Society website.