This is what summer smells like

This is what summer smells like

What does your summer smell like?
Tell us what the summer evokes for you and win an inflatable Flamingo Island for yourself and your best friends.

What do you associate the smell of summer with? With the refreshingly luscious smell of juicy herbs? With the bitter floral aroma of a freshly cut hay meadow? Or with the unmistakable mixture of chlorinated water, sun cream and grilled sausage around the swimming pool? Describe in a few words what the summer scents evoke for you. We will publish the most original answers on If you are lucky you could win an inflatable flamingo island for six people for even more fun this summer.

1st price

Inflatable flamingo island for six people (approx. 485 cm x 287 cm x 226 cm)

2nd to 5th price

A flamingo lilo for one person


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