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It’s all about the setting Wherever you happen to be, why not put pen to paper again?

Writing is a creative activity, but you can influence it – for example, with a relaxed environment. Or with the right materials. A few tricks can help you with your preparation.

What kind of writer am I?

Are you the dynamic type who writes quickly and spontaneously in short, crisp sentences? Or are you a creative person who likes to tell imaginative, lively stories, structure your letters or cards lovingly and embellish them beautifully?

Where do I most like to write?

Think about what kind of setting gets you in the mood for writing: in the privacy of your home, your favourite café or under the shade of a tree in a city park? Take inspiration from your environment.

When and where do I have ideas?

At what time of the day are you inspired? In what place? In what mood? Listening to which music?

What paper should I choose?

What kind of paper do you like for your letters? White, coloured, lined or squared? The choice of matching envelope or a nice stamp is also part of the preparation process.

Which writing tool is right for my letter?

Pencil, pen, fountain pen or fineliner: what feels best in your hand? What do you feel most comfortable with? Which of them produces your finest writing? Which pen is appropriate for your letter?

Take a little time to answer these questions for yourself. Create the ideal ambience for you and prepare everything in advance, so that you can give free rein to your thoughts and focus fully on your writing. Try different places until you find the perfect one for you. Be inspired by the different types of paper in the stationery shop or department. Find a pen that feels good in your hand. This will make writing fun, and it will become very easy to find the right words.