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There are numerous occasions to write letters Spreading joy – reason enough to write a letter.

Nowadays, messages reach their recipients in just a few seconds: grab your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and in a couple of clicks, you’re done. But even in these times of digitization, there are still more than enough reasons to sit down with pen and paper, take some time, gather your thoughts, express your feelings and write a letter or a card. As a thank you for a long-standing friendship. As a greeting from sunnier climes. As congratulations on passing an exam. Let yourself be inspired!

11 occasions for writing

Occasions for writing
“Greetings from the mountains”
“Let’s go out for dinner again sometime”
“You’re important to me”
“Thank you!”
“Get well soon”
“I love you”
“I’m here for you”
“This letter is just for you”
“For me”

Whenever and for whatever reason you write to someone dear to you: your mail will be well received. Guaranteed.