Put a smile on someone’s face by reaching out to them

Put a smile on someone’s face by reaching out to them But how? With a personalized postcard!

Finding a postcard among a huge pile of bills, leaflets and magazines when you go to check your post: now that’s pure joy. Put a smile on the face of someone you can’t be with at the moment.

On the first Sunday of March every year, the Swiss association “Tag der KrankenTarget not accessible” (“Day of the Sick”) tries to raise awareness for the needs of people living with illness. They advocate recognition for the work done by people who care for patients in some way, either in a professional or private capacity. True to their motto “Vulnerable, but strong!Target not accessible”, their goal is to get the public talking more openly about illness and disability. Normally there would be over 200 initiatives on this particular day all over Switzerland, but this year, as with so much else, things are a bit different.

A few minutes of your time for years of joy

“Hi! I’ve been thinking about you!”, “You are really important to me”, “I miss you” – reading such thoughtful words really warms the heart. There are some days when we really need these words. There are days when words like that can make all the difference. And then there are days when we fondly look back at happy moments like these. Send someone dear to you something that will put a smile on their face. The best way to do this? By sending them a postcard! After all, a postcard is something we can keep going back to, and the pleasure it gives us will be just as great however many times we read it.

The association “Tag der Kranken” offers three different postcard designsTarget not accessible on which you can write a personal message and send free of charge from your mobile phone using the PostCard Creator AppTarget not accessible. As an alternative to the designs provided, you can of course also use your own photos. Simply download the PostCard Creator App and start writing!

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