Postcard set

Illustration of wishes on postcard

Illustration of wishes on postcard

Your greetings on a postcard

There are numerous occasions for sending your heartfelt greetings to relatives, friends or acquaintances – whether it’s to wish them a happy birthday, a speedy recovery or happy holidays, or to mark another special life moment. The most important people in our lives deserve loving words.

When was the last time you put your thoughts and feelings down in writing and sent them on a card? Postcards create a unique connection, because there is almost nothing as personal as handwritten greetings or wishes. And who can resist the joy of finding “real” post in the letter box?

Get our new set of two pre-franked greeting postcards, pick up your pen and create lasting memories.

By the way: the postcards from this set have been printed on sustainable grass paper. The production of grass paper saves water and CO2 and reduces the need for wood and recycled paper pulp. 

On our website, you can find a wide range of tips and inspiration for putting your greetings down on paper in a unique way. Add a personal touch to your thoughts and feelings and give your loved ones a special and moving gift.

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  • The free and pre-franked card sets are available in a limited edition. One set can be ordered per person.


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