Pleasure in writing

Pleasure in writing “Post a Letter” – a campaign that brings people together

Post A Letter is a campaign that unites people with a passion for writing letters and cards. Several times a year, a meeting is held where letters are written and cards are made. The association was founded by Silja Bähni and Olivia Hübscher, who met at a Post A Letter event abroad and brought the idea back to Switzerland. The craft and writing materials are provided by the organizers and each participant can send three letters free of charge – the stamps are sponsored by Swiss Post. The events that the pair have organized on a regular basis in Switzerland since 2017, in both Berne and Fribourg (NB: no meetings are currently organized due to the coronavrius pandemic), also take place in countries such as Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. They will also become more widespread in Switzerland

Become part of the community and enjoy many moments of creativity which will bring joy to special people. You can find all the information about upcoming events on FacebookTarget not accessible.