Penfriends A timeless concept

Having a penfriend is something special, and the opportunities for finding one are myriad. You’ve probably already had a penfriend – maybe when you were in primary school, as a teenager or even later. Maybe your penfriend was your childhood crush – or the love of your life? In any case, one thing’s for sure – opening the mailbox and finally discovering a long-anticipated letter was a great feeling.

More than simply paper and a few lines

Having a penfriend is partly about the letters and partly about the friendship – and in the best-case scenario, both of these things can last forever. Nowadays, there are several websites where you can meet penfriends, and although everyone has different motivations, there’s one thing that everybody is looking for: the timeless gift of emotions.

Some people are looking for close friendships, others are hoping to find the love of their life, and others still just want to bring some happiness and fill these lonely times with some beautiful words. The current state of the world has taught us to appreciate the little things, the simple things, the things that we might have taken for granted just one year ago. Writing and reading letters gives us the chance to escape the daily grind and leave reality behind for a few moments – to give shape to our thoughts with just a sheet of paper in front of us and a nice pen in our hand.

Sound good? Try it yourself!

“Die Heitere Fahne” (in German) is a cultural center in Wabern, Bern. “A place for you and your friends” where you can normally go to eat great food, see shows, listen to concerts and celebrate festivities. Volunteers who want to work behind the scenes are welcome at any time.

“Die Heitere Fahne’s” Penfriends Office (in German) is open until 29 April 2021! Who’s it for? “Whether you’re a geek or a star, a loner or living in a huge sharehouse, completely healthy or coughing away – send your thoughts, drawings, poems, dreams and flirtations far away and see what comes back to you.” Sign up at this link (in German) and participate in just three simple steps!