How to write a love letter?

How to write a love letter? The best gift for Saint Valentine’s Day ... but not the only one

Jewellery, beautiful red roses, perfume or even a selection of delicious chocolates? So many gifts offered countless times on Saint Valentine’s Day. Why not get straight to the heart of the matter and declare your love to your Valentine by sending him or her a love letter – so much more personal than a message via WhatsApp or some other social media? Here are a few simple yet effective tips to delight your loved one thanks to your writing talents.

For centuries, it has been traditional for lovers to offer each other flowers or gifts on 14 February, Saint Valentine’s Day. Another way of declaring your love is to put your feelings into words and write a letter to your loved one. A bygone era? On the contrary!

While the range of means of heartfelt communication has diversified with the rise of digital technology, words on paper still convey more emotion than a simple instant message. The author of a letter can take all the time they need to weigh their words and lend them greater meaning. By following the tips below, you are sure to delight your partner.

Use your very best handwriting!

The first prerequisite for a successful lover letter: write it by hand. And there is no excuse not to! Even if your handwriting is not the most stylistic and resembles a doctor’s prescription, make the effort to express your feelings by hand. There is nothing more personal than your handwriting, even with all its imperfections.

If writing by hand is essential, so is the choice of medium. “The medium is the message” said the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan. So choose attractive writing paper, coloured if you want, instead of a sheet of paper from your lined notepad or a couple of post-its. You reduce the impact of your message if you choose the wrong medium.

Sincerity above all

The keyword to fill your loved-one’s heart with this love letter? Sincerity! Do not drift off into long soliloquies if they don’t really mean anything to you. Keep it simple, be honest and unashamed of your feelings and avoid off-the-peg expressions such as “Faster alone. Further together”. Call up happy memories and highlights of your journey together, the rest will take care of itself.

Another important element which would seemingly go without saying but is sometimes forgotten, is to take the time to put your words down on paper. In a society that is moving quicker and quicker this may seem trivial, but it is nothing of the sort. On the contrary, it is essential to choose a calm, inspiring place to write your letter; this will help you express the very essence of your feelings.

The icing on the cake

Beyond deep and evocative words, you can also display all your originality by adding a small personal detail to your letter, something that will instinctively make him or her think of you. Your perfume, a secret code symbolizing an important event in your journey together, a little drawing, etc. There are so many possibilities. Simply give free rein to your imagination.

...and for an additional personal touch

Do you intend to send your love letter by post? Give it an even more personal touch by creating your very own stamp with WebStamp. And why not with a photo of you and your Valentine?

To finish, ask yourself this question: when did you last write/receive a lover letter? Too long ago, wasn’t it? Then it’s time to make amends. With these few tips, you should succeed in delighting your partner, be it on Saint Valentine’s Day or on any other occasion.