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“That meant so much to me” Ideas and pointers on personal thank-you letters

Your boss invited you to dinner or your neighbour fed the cat and emptied your letter box while you were away on holiday. A friend put winter tyres on your car and Serge is simply the best yoga teacher in the world. There are lots of reasons for thanking someone – the most stylish way is still by sending a letter or card. Follow these tips to ensure your thank-you letter makes the right impression.

Creating warm affinity with your letter – tips on word choice

  • Explain why you’re so grateful – what delighted you in particular? Why were you grateful for support? Why was this gift just what you always wanted?
  • Choose personal words and feel free to digress a little: how were your holidays while the cat was being looked after by somebody else at home? What did the aroma wafting from the cake your neighbour left by the door remind you of?
  • What happens next? Say how and when you wish to return the favour for the helping hand given, the spur-of-the-moment gift or the wise advice.
  • Write your thank-you letter as freely as possible. A few sweet words on a pretty little card or a lengthy letter – you decide what’s appropriate.

Two examples for inspiration

“It’s all paid off.”
“I’ll chop your firewood for you.”

The songbird with the golden envelope

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Handwritten and personal – design tips

  • Use your best handwriting to pen the letter. Read our tips on handlettering.
  • Design your own card – you’ll find plenty of creative craft tips online. Also consider the feel and aroma of the card. Go for it with the creative design: the envelope with your letter or card can be up to 2 cm thick, including any cardboard or bubble wrap used as protective packaging that may be needed depending on the contents.
  • Opt for a high-quality envelope – strong paper, maybe with lining and a slightly textured surface. Stick a beautiful stampTarget not accessible on the envelope.
  • Add a little something: a voucher as a thank-you gift, a drawing by the children, a funny photo of the cat looked after or the furniture you made with the jigsaw you borrowed.