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“Wishing the newly-weds a wonderful future” Ideas and tips on personal letters expressing congratulations

Sarah and Jan are getting married and you obviously wish them all the best for the future. But how exactly? How do you write a personal card or put together a delightful letter? By following these pointers, you’ll add a special touch to the couple’s big day.

Ensuring your letter conveys joy – tips on choice of words

  • Be sincere and use specific details when expressing your best wishes to the couple in writing. Your words will then take on real meaning and not sound like platitudes.
  • First of all, focus on the couple. Afterwards you can mix things up creatively and address the couple individually in different paragraphs.
  • Choose personal words and create a warm affinity with the couple. Recall times spent with the groom or share happy memories at the volleyball club with the bride.
  • Feel free to write quite a lengthy letter or a big card. The happy couple will receive lots of short and sweet little cards containing the usual clichés.
  • Invite them to keep in touch: ask the newly-weds over for dinner, propose a visit or suggest doing something together.

Two examples for inspiration

“Paul’s premonitions”
“The loveliest couple in the village”

The right stamp

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Handwritten and personal – design tips

  • Use your best handwriting to pen the letter. Read our tips on handlettering.
  • Design your own card – you’ll find no end of creative craft tips online. Also consider the feel and aroma of the card. Go for it with the creative design: the envelope with your letter or card can be up to 2 cm thick, including any cardboard or bubble wrap used as protective packaging that may be needed depending on the contents.
  • Opt for a high-quality envelope – strong paper, maybe with lining and a slightly textured surface. Stick a beautiful stampTarget not accessible on the envelope.
  • Put a little something in the letter as well as giving a wedding gift: a drawing by the children, a packet of chewing gum for fresh breath when kissing their new husband or wife or a stunning photo of the couple that you took three years ago.