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“Only the best for new additions to the family” Ideas and tips for expressing personal congratulations

Wonderful news, the Müllers’ new baby has arrived! You’ve just picked up the announcement of little Laura’s birth from your letter box and now have to send your congratulations. But how do you write a personal card or put together a delightful letter? Expressing our congratulations in writing does not come naturally to all of us. Don’t worry – follow these pointers to ensure your best wishes come across well.

Giving your letter a personal touch – tips on choice of words

  • Express your delight. Show your joy and explain why you’re over the moon for them. This gives the impression that your congratulations really mean something and that you’re not simply going through the motions.
  • First and foremost, congratulate the parents. But why not include the baby too? Or perhaps an older sibling?
  • Choose personal words. You may wish to mention a memorable event in your life that links you with the family you’re congratulating. After all, the family knows all about their own baby and will have received plenty of cards containing the usual empty phrases.
  • Words of encouragement: offer your support if you wish to lend the parents a helping hand. Think about what the young family might need. Perhaps somebody to look after the older children? They may simply appreciate a visit.

Two examples for inspiration

“Welcome Chloé”
“Hopes and dreams for you Liam”

The right stamps

Add a stylishly apt touch to your congratulations with the “Birth” and “Congratulations” stamps from the “Special events” stamp set.

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Handwritten, yet personal – tips on design

  • Use your best handwriting to pen the letter. Read our tips on handlettering.
  • Design your own card – you’ll find no end of creative craft tips online. Also consider the feel and aroma of the card. Go for it with the creative design: the envelope with your letter or card can be up to 2 cm thick, including any cardboard or bubble wrap used as protective packaging that may be needed depending on the contents.
  • Opt for a high-quality envelope – strong paper, maybe with lining and a slightly textured surface. Stick a beautiful stampTarget not accessible on the envelope.
  • Add a little something: a cash gift humorously incorporated into the card, a tiger-shaped voucher for a first visit to the zoo or a photo of you and the new dad together from childhood days.