Templates and tips for love letters

Templates and tips for love letters

Would you like to send your sweetheart a message of love with a beautifully designed card, but you’re still looking for creative design ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place: our tips and templates make it incredibly easy to design the right card.

Envelope with origami hearts

A personal photo, a nice saying or a heart-shaped envelope: there are many different options for your love letter. We’ve put together our three favourites for you here: origami heart, hand lettering and poems. Find out how to use them in a simple but effective way – and melt your loved one’s heart.

For tips on what to write in your card, take a look at “How do you write a love letter?”.

1. Using an origami design

Red roses, kissing lips or Cupid with an arrow: love letter symbols are a dime a dozen. The most popular symbol is and remains the heart. In origami form, it offers the perfect design element for your love letter – and is also very easy to fold. To see how this is done, take a look at the slider below. Once you have folded your heart, you can use it in different ways: you can stick it to the card, enclose it, or write your message directly on the heart.

2. Artistic writing made easy

Artistically written lettering, often decorated with symbols, flourishes, and other illustrative elements is known as hand lettering. Sounds difficult and complicated, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be! With the hand lettering generator, you can type the desired message, print it out and trace it onto a piece of paper. If you prefer to get creative yourself, visit our artistic writing page for information on how to learn hand lettering. No matter what method you choose: your sweetheart will be delighted.

3. Poems for your love letter

If you're not a fan of these artistic design elements, a romantic poem might be the right choice for your love letter. Whether written by yourself or inspired by the greats: loving words are always welcome. To make things easier, we’ve put together a few options for you. No matter whether you are newly in love or have been married for 20 years: you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in the selection below.

Love poems for forever lovers
Love poems with declaration of love
Love poems for new lovers
Love poems for long-distance relationships


Now it’s up to you

Grab a pen, paper and scissors and create a romantic card for your sweetheart. Whether you opted for hand lettering, an origami heart or a completely different method: your sweetheart will love such a personal gift.

Romantic stamps

The cherry on top: the cute kiss stamp design is the perfect embellishment for your envelope – and it tells your sweetheart at first glance how much they mean to you. Have you finished designing your card, but still don’t have the right text? Find out here, to learn how to write the perfect love letter.