New baby cards

New baby cards – Sharing joy and happiness

The birth of a baby is a wonderful moment. And once the baby’s arrived, you want to share the joy and happiness with loved ones. One of the most delightful ways to do so is by designing and sending a new baby card to proud grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends.

But how do you go about designing a card and what do you need to bear in mind? Here are a few tips to ensure that designing and sending your card doesn’t become a hassle and the card is just perfect for the occasion.

Give some thought to what you wish to express through your card at an early stage. Should it be elegant and understated or more exuberant? The smaller the card’s design, the softer its impact – like a sleeping baby. If you’d prefer a flamboyant card that conveys how children boisterously play and discover the world, it’s better to use big letters in different colours and several vibrant images. What really matters is creating the perfect card for you and your relationship with your baby.

There are also online solutions where you can design and print your own cards, such as Swiss Post’s PostCard Creator. WebStamp allows you to create personalized stamps using your own images.

Start early

Anyone who already has children will tell you that you don’t always have the time, energy or peace and quiet needed to plan, design and send out new baby cards after birth. That’s why it’s better to start on your card and get everything ready during your pregnancy. Here are some key pointers:

  1. Prepare a list of relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who you’d like to send a card to in good time. The hardest bit will probably be finding all the addresses.
  2. Think about which design would be most apt and appealing. If you’d like to make your own card by hand, it’s best to try out a few options before deciding to produce a batch. You may find inspiration by searching for images online.
  3. You could also jot down a few words before the baby’s arrival. You can always add key information or rewrite it after the birth.
  4. The things you really need to include are a picture of the baby and his or her name, sex, date of birth, weight and size.
  5. Once you’ve decided on a format, you can order and frank the envelopes, and add addresses. You can write them by hand, use address labels or print them on the envelope.

More inspiration for new baby cards can be found here.