World Letter Writing Day

World Letter Writing Day Get writing

1 September is a special day. Each year, World Letter Writing Day is celebrated on this date.

The day was established at the initiative of Australian Richard Simpkin who, thanks to handwritten letters addressed to celebrities in his home country, managed to assemble the largest collection of selfies in the world.

In our digital age, handwritten letters are becoming something of a rarity. Yet even though social media and e-mail are widely favoured by the public, more than 48 million personal letters are still sent every year in Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the countries where the most letters per inhabitant are sent. The figure may be falling, but handwritten letters still have their fans.

1,001 reasons to write a letter

There are thousands of reasons to write a letter: whether it’s writing to find a job, to do an administrative task, to say you love someone or to tell someone close to you about your life. Children also love writing to Santa Claus. When we move house, we sometimes open a drawer and discover a collection of old letters that offer us the joy of a glimpse into our ancestors’ lives. 

Letters also provide a chance to express views on things that matter to us, such as climate change, human rights or other major issues. Taking the time to write a letter and send it to a newspaper, the government or an association can make a positive difference.

Taking the time

Writing a letter takes time. You have to sit down at a table with a pen and paper, consider your words carefully and sometimes scribble bits out and start again. However, a handwritten letter is more personal, conveying more emotion and authenticity than an instant message or e-mail.

What about you? What will be the reason for your next letter?