Valentine’s Day mail

Valentine’s Day mail A letter is the key to their heart

Valentine’s Day: the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your love. But what is the best way to create a romantic and personal surprise for your sweetheart? We have collected all the important resources for you here.

Valentine’s Day started as a church festival in 469. The association with romantic love developed in England around the 14th century and spread from there to the entire English-speaking world. Today, Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers all over the world to celebrate their feelings for each other. This can take many forms: from sending delicious chocolates to gifting elegant bouquets of flowers. Probably the most intimate token of true love is a handwritten love letter – optionally with a self-designed card.

Love letters: demonstrate your love in your own words

One thing is for sure: writing a personal love letter is not easy. To melt your partner’s heart, even without a poetic disposition, take a look at our Tips on writing a love letter – from structure to sample texts.

Make your own card: delight your loved one with your romantic crafting skills

Are you looking for the right card for your Valentine’s Day mail? Or would you like to surprise your loved one with a handmade message? In this case, see our Tips and templates for your Valentine’s Day mail. This is where you can find everything you need to design the perfect Valentine’s Day card – from poem templates to instructions for folding an origami heart to hand lettering templates for tracing.