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Penfriends Very special friendships based on personal correspondence

Penfriends are very special friends. The regular exchange of letters creates a personal bond that lasts for many years. Penfriends transcend borders, continents, oceans. Cultivating a friendship by letter means always taking the time to show appreciation and empathy for someone dear to you who lives somewhere else.

Penfriends in the digital age – why?

The joy of regularly receiving letters or cards with a very personal touch from foreign climes (or even from your home country) is an indescribable feeling. Correspondence with penfriends from other countries makes it possible to discover foreign cultures and improve language skills. For children, penfriendships give them the opportunity to make new friends and talk about their hobbies, passions and worries. It also means that children practise writing – a skill that will benefit them both at school and later in their working life.

Find a penfriend

At MiniSPICK, children up to 12 years of age can find a suitable penfriend from Switzerland.