Birthday invitation

Birthday invitation Design your own invitations

The birthday – one of the most important days of the year! The long-awaited day should make children happy and make them the center of attention. The best way to do this is with a big birthday party with all of their friends and relatives. Writing the invitation to their party themselves lets children enjoy the anticipation even more – while also enabling them to discover their creative streak. Some tips for the perfect invitation letter – to get the party mood going well before the party starts:

  • Start with the most important information – when, where, who, what, how? It’s a good idea to highlight this information at the top or bottom of the letter, so that the children who are invited and their parents can see it at a glance.
  • Use details to create a sense of anticipation: for example, you could mention the cake you will be having.
  • Mention anything the guests should bring along (costumes, swimwear, colouring pencils, etc.).
  • An invitation written in rhyme comes across as particularly creative and is always well received.
  • For a themed party (cowboys, unicorns, etc.), use a home-made card designed to reflect the theme. Hand lettering might also be suitable for this.
  • If the text was written on the computer, it should be signed by hand, as this makes the invitation feel more personal.
  • You can find inspiration for funny and creative invitation cards on Pinterest.

The design of a stamp

It’s not just the content of a letter that matters. Even the envelope can give the recipient the feeling that they are important to the sender, whether it’s because they have drawn their own decoration or chosen a specific stamp motif. The “Animals around the world” stamps are ideal for a birthday invitation, for instance. You can find these and many more designs at